MES software solution is a software that allows you to manage and track your production in a comprehensive way, from raw material to product. The business information system combines production line overview, work time planning, reports, Tag register for fault reporting, security and much more. It includes all the key and additional functionalities to make your production as efficient as possible. MES can operate in several functional areas: managing product definitions throughout the product lifecycle, resource scheduling, order fulfilment and dispatch, production analysis and downtime management for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), product quality or material tracking. The purpose of the production monitoring system is to enable planning, control, analysis and management of the production process.

Reliable software helps you plan, decide, manage and determine by giving you an overview of the available resources, helping you to plan optimally, make decisions based on process and employee data, manage and monitor all production units in the plant optimally, and monitor the status of orders and determine the order lead time. The data managed in the MES system is real-time and the system also provides reports on unexpected shutdowns and increases production productivity.



Analytical data is used to make business decisions and improve workflow. Every organisation has different preferences and different decisions, so analytical data is certainly not uniquely defined. Data can be used to manage human resources, customers and materials used, or any other data that is used to make decisions in your business.

Based on your needs and requirements, by capturing and analysing such data, our software will produce reports that will help you make decisions, improve quality and efficiency, and give you an overview of the state of your company's key and supporting processes. The reports are in a format of your choice, either a PDF or Excel file, or can be viewed right in the software. We also provide a graphical display of the raw data for greater transparency and flexibility in viewing the data.



Websites are one of the most important aspects of marketing a company's products and services online. We can create a presentation or more advanced website for your company that is adapted to all screens. The website is individually designed according to your needs, requirements and wishes. Because we strive to make each page unique and contain information that is important to you, each website design offer is individually tailored.

As part of our website range, we can create demonstrational or more advanced websites. The designer takes into account all individual requirements, the overall graphic image of your company and adapts the website to your needs. We also take care of the website's dynamics - adapting it to the screens of phones, tablets, computers, as well as SEO optimisation of the website.

As part of the website offer, we can also arrange the desired domain, SSL certificate and server space, which you can also lease from us. Our hosting servers include state-of-the-art malware and cyber intrusion protection equipment, including firewalls, antivirus protection and data backups on a separate server. You can find out more about hosting here.



Management systems give you a better overview of what's happening in your business. They bring together in one place an overview of your employees, their hours worked, open and closed work orders and tasks. The software also allows you to manage customers, invoices sent and closed, and keep track of the materials used on each job site. For this purpose, we also offer integration with the online accounting software MiniMax.

Keeping track of inventory and work done, as well as managing invoices and customers, are important factors that affect your company's performance. The software we have developed will make your job easier, as all the data you need will be brought together in one place. The software is dynamically designed, which means that employees can access it on any smart device, allowing hours and work orders to be entered at the work site.



A data sharing platform is the most advanced environment in which organisations can distribute, extract, exchange, share and commercialise data, creating powerful data partnerships. By design, such systems take into account the legal, technical, security and compliance requirements needed to enforce current and future data policies. Data is a key strategic asset for public and private companies. This asset is highly desirable as it enables both the achievement of business objectives and the creation of new revenue streams or productivity improvements. A data sharing platform enables data to be circulated and made accessible, taking into account security, compliance and traceability imperatives of transactions.

A web-based platform will enable you and your employees, partners, suppliers to exchange data and information faster. The system eliminates time-consuming manual form filling, enables automatic filing in a linked database and instant synchronisation on all connected devices. Our data exchange management model includes control and security, traceability, licensing and regulatory compliance. It operates in managed, distributed or decentralised mode, supporting different business models for data exchange.



The opinion of your employees is an important factor that contributes to a better working atmosphere and the quality of your services. Collecting and analysing opinions can be a time-consuming process. Questionnaires or online surveys allow you to collect the kind of data that will help you optimise your company's processes, introduce e-learning and more. We can create a specific online form or survey to suit your needs. The software allows you to view the responses, analyse the data and view the data in the form of tables and graphs. The desired data can also be exported.

The software can also be customised for electronic or e-learning purposes. E-learning allows for fast learning and is low cost, as the long training period, infrastructure, office supplies and travel costs are reduced. The ease of capturing and absorbing information contributes to the high efficiency of the knowledge transferred. Also, with this type of software, it allows for an overview of the answers submitted, data analysis, reports on the success of the e-learning and the export of the data in the desired file.