Lan, wan, vpn


We are experts in designing, setting up or upgrading networks. We design and implement different types of networks – from small local area networks involving only a small number of connections of computers sharing the Internet, to multi-office connections using wide area networks and the use of private virtual networks.


Implementation is done using CAT 5, CAT 6, fibre or wireless networks. We make sure your network infrastructure is capable of handling all your business needs.

Pronid's network solutions are based on the latest technologies and solutions from leading manufacturers.

When it comes to network infrastructure, hardware and configuration are important. We use advanced and reliable equipment that enables optimal data flow, no matter what type of network is involved. Setting up a network that works quickly and reliably requires planning and careful judgement. Depending on your needs, the software you use and your preferences, we draw up a plan covering the equipment and configuration required for your network equipment. We assess how you can get the most out of your network, taking your budget into account.