our achievements in the market




The cloud data archiving solution brings a new innovation to our market, allowing schools to benefit from the highly reliable and powerful server infrastructure at Arnes. Pronid helps you take advantage of the capacity of the disk space at a remote location where you can store your data. Storage is independent of the type of server - it can be physical or virtual. If you have a virtual infrastructure, we can also transfer copies of virtual servers to the remote location.



On behalf of Healthcare Centre Ormož, we joined forces with partner companies to create a new ambulance solution that addresses communication problems at the scene of a disaster or in an emergency. The solution significantly improves communication between paramedics at the scene of an accident or incident and hospital staff. The latter allows emergency services to respond quickly and efficiently to these often life-threatening situations. The solution works by connecting the client to a 3G network, which allows it to access the hospital's network with the help of virtual software. The client can access a desktop where hospital applications containing key patient records and data are available to the client.



The success of education is highly dependent on the interaction between teacher and students. Interactive classrooms offer the greatest efficiency and engagement in the cognitive process, allowing the use of the latest products in information technology, raising the quality of the educational process to a whole new level. This makes education memorable, visual and productive. In accordance with the project of equipping classrooms with information and communication technology, the institut Andragoški zavod Maribor – Ljudska univerza has equipped the classroom with interactive devices, namely an interactive whiteboard, a projector, a TV set, a mixing table and related accessories. The interactive whiteboard allows lessons (lectures or seminar exercises) to be conducted in the normal mode of operation and offers the use of various computer programmes that generate diagrams, drawings, notes and video files. Whatever the specifics of the subject, the use of interactive classrooms is very beneficial, both for teachers and students. Interactive classrooms allow constant contact with learners using available tools such as images, sound, video, text and more.



1. We have developed a software application for the management of out-of-court and in-court collections on behalf of a law firm. The software application allows, in the context of the out-of-court work, the automatic import of any number of debtors with open debts and the automatic creation of reminders and the automatic submission of claims to court. In the context of the judicial part, the system allows the creation of an XML package of any number of debtors with open charges, the sending of the XML package to the court via a web-service connection, the automatic filing of claims with the court using this package and the subsequent management of the recovery procedure in the judicial part. The system for the management of recoveries is flexible, easy to use and can be modified for further enhancement and customisation on request and on customer's order.

2. We have developed a human resources management software for a key client of our company. The software allows the management of users and customers, as well as providing an overview of the material or products consumed on the worksites, the management of work and travel orders and the entry of hours per employee per work order. The software was also linked to the online accounting software MiniMax from where it retrieves data on the stock of materials.