Pronid’s IT services and solutions give you the freedom to focus on your strategic goals and the growth of your business. Our goal is pro-active support and maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.



We have over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable and competitive business partner for more than 50 small and medium-sized companies on the Slovenian and foreign markets. We are a dynamic company that employs reliable and professional personnel who value their business reputation.

Our core business is providing services in the field of computer systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services include IT service and maintenance, consulting, hosting, remote assistance and support, and implementation of IT infrastructure. Our knowledge and experience, as well as the use of advanced IT technologies, enable us to provide your company with optimal solutions at the highest technical level.

Information Technology (IT) services are services used by organisations to create, manage and deliver information and serve as a support process for other business functions. We offer a new IT dimension that will improve workflow, reduce time to complete tasks and organise your company’s activities at a high level. Your success is our mission.

We are creating a new information dimension.



We see an opportunity to fill the gap that has emerged between the large providers of computer equipment and services and the small companies that are primarily involved in selling computers. The large computer companies are not attentive to the needs and problems of small and medium-sized businesses, and the smaller computer companies do not have the expertise to support the development of small and medium-sized IT systems.



We have a strong orientation towards the marketing of services, knowledge and the know-how. Our competitive advantage is mainly gained through a good service quality/price ratio. Training and technical progress is a constant for all employees. Knowledge is acquired through partnerships with corporations such as Microsoft and HP. Our fundamental goal is to go beyond customer satisfaction and turn them into loyal, continuous customers.



We strive to ensure that employees use their energy to increase their professional skills and strive for efficiency. Pronid’s organisational structure encourages the creation of greater value for customers and offers the opportunity for continuous improvement of the work process, as well as providing the flexibility and adaptability that are important for the company to maintain a competitive edge in the IT services market. We value collaboration and mutual support between teams, which is why Pronid’s organigram is in the form of a Venn diagram. The company follows the principles of lean organisations and is team-oriented. Employees are part of multidisciplinary teams that collaborate with each other. The company’s organisational set-up allows for a good flow of information between the different teams, closes the gap between management and employees and contributes to the realisation of the company’s vision. Each employee is treated as an expert in his/her field or job, and all employees, including the director and students, are responsible for the smooth operation and production processes of our clients.